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    power point integration
  • power point integration
    power point integration
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  • power point integration
    power point integration
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Features of Optivote Audience Response Systems

RF Multiple Choice Input Handsets       

The 8 button handset is used by first timers of any age without instruction from the presenter. Primary school classes, large university lectures and corporate conferences all benefit from its intuitive features. A one button press sends the answer to the system immediately.

PowerPoint Integration

99% of Audience Response Systems around the world work or integrate with PowerPoint. We choose only the best and most stable systems that best suite our client's needs.

Customisable Reporting

Extract exactly the information you need by generating a number of useful reports in just one click. All reports can be exported to third party applications for use there. Optivote also carries a user customisable data resource, which when used in conjunction with reporting software, such as Crystal Reports, allows you to create your own completely presonalised reports for your immediate reporting needs.

Help Assistant

This unique feature is designed to get you up and running quickly. Pop-up hints and a Tip Assistant can guide you through every step and remain active until no longer requried. Ideal for novices it makes training and support much easier and helps you to get the most out of your Optivote system.


Real-Time, Mass Polling

Most voting applications allow you to download content, but Optivote goes much further! By dynamically linking to a web page, Optivote makes that web page interactive with the voting handsets giving you real time mass polling. This means you can run a questionnaire within an unlimited number of geographical locations around the world… at the same time if you like!

Features List:

  • Active Graphs
  • Ad hoc Question Type
  • Capture Tray for Image Inputs
  • Customisable Reporting
  • Flash Files in Questions
  • Freehand for Question Creation
  • Help Assistant
  • Individual Question Options
  • Internet Enabled
  • Large Audience Capability
  • Multi-user databases
  • Numerical Input
  • One Receiver Needed Portable
  • Optional Background Colour
  • Pack and Send Lessons
  • Play Sound Files in Questions
  • Play Video in Questions
  • PowerPoint Integration
  • Question Content
  • Response Counter
  • Search Facility
  • Simple Question Creation Tool
  • Single Press Button Input
  • Student Manager
  • UK Software Development
  • USB Connectivity
  • User Defined Marking Schemes
  • User Feedback on Handset


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